103rd Cactus Division

Division Sections and Rosters

To Get Listed on this Site

      Anyone in the 103rd or relatives are welcome to have the names
of the service persons added.  Just send an email with the name,
highest rank, state residence when joined, and if living.  You may
also add the email address for contacts.  No street address will be
posted, but can be left with the webmaster for individual sending.
Space is also available for a page for each person, supply photo,
stories, or other information that would make the page reasonable,
pages are not made based on name-rank-location-email.
       If you have photos or information about the division or members,
please send to make this site more complete, at present this site is
listing less than 10 percent of the projected number of members in
rosters, so a long way to go.
emails should go to webmaster@eastmill.com
Thanks for any help you may provide.


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