103rd Cactus Division


Camp Howze Howitzer  The newspaper of WWII

103rd Infantry Division Cactus Caravan 
US Army 1944. publisher Albert Love Enterprises, Atlanta GA 
mostly photos from Skinner, Sherman, Garnett, Kellert. Passmore, 
Sion,Wayne, Ft Worth Star Telegram, and Signal Corp.
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When The Odds Were Even;
 The Vosges Mountains Campaign, 
October 1944-January 1945 by Bonn, Keith E.
Bonn focuses on the little-known story of the U.S. Seventh Army's campaign to 
breach the enemy's Vosges Mountains--in Northern France--defenses,
 which were occupied by some of the Nazis' finest combat units. He compares 
the training and doctrine of the U.S. and German armies, the strengths and 
weaknesses of the commanders on both sides, and provides a lively narrative 
of the campaign itself in When the Odds Were Even. 320 pp. 28 photos. 
14 maps. Includes 103rd Division information 2 Covers available
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103rd Infantry Division Turner Pub
Company 2nd edition Jan 1997ISBN 1563110466
First Edition, 1993 168 pages Harold Branton 
#05-103.1993(out of print)
Second Edition, 208 pages, sold out
daybook.jpg (7254 bytes) Report After Action : 

The Story of the 103rd Infantry Division Hardcover

Battery Press. Ralph Mueller & Jerry Turk. 168 pages/ #05-103.1945

Press June 1987 ISBN 0898390109 http://www.amazon.com for $39.95.

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U.S. Army Serial Number 37531447

By Kenneth L. Lenke

Electronic, Hardbound, Paperback

from the 928 FA Co A


Got to Go Now
Edsel V. Colvin's new book, "Got to Go Now", 
features nearly 300 letters he wrote to his father and sisters 
during the WWII years.  They cover his time as a fire lookout in 
the Oregon Coast Range, as a college student, and finally as a 
first scout in Company L, 410th Infantry Regiment,  in France and 
Germany Available at Amazon. com or by contacting the author at 
P.O. Box 477, Gold Beach, OR 97444.
317 pages, $20.00.


Company I 410th Infantry Regt
103rd Infantry Division

Robert D Quinn, the author has made the

update free to download in adobe pdf form

World War II, from his enlistment in the army in 1942 to 
his discharge from an army hospital in 1946. It is the 
only war memoir to present itself in the form of short 
stories, sixteen in all. 

 member the Intelligence and Reconnaissance platoon.  

Seldom Disappointed: A Memoir

Tony Hillerman

410th C


  Papa's War: 

A Personal book for
My Grandson Brenton
Pierce Evans. D811E925
Out of print
but available in its entirety on the author's website.

Papa's Web

"The Hitler Diet"

George J. Davis

409th, Company C

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The Cactus Division Second Battalion 409th Regimental History

by Robert K Bingham and Roy Swanson

edited by Micki Sytsma

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Hell\'s Folly: compare book prices The author trained with the 103d Recon and later served with 409th,
D-Company, as a 3rd Platoon 81mm mortar ammo bearer.

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411th Letters to Mother

Roy N. Van Arsdall

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War Stories
John T. Dorsey
411th Company K
Cover   Book


John E. Walters

cover     book


1st LT Larry G. Genebach

Boratgis, Gregory (1995) A Time to Fight, A Time to Serve paper
ISBN 0-8059-3715-3 104pp $10.00
One soldier's World War II experiences with the 103rd Division in Europe,
  including his reflections on pre-war days, his consuming passion for football, 
and his coming of age as a young man trying to keep his father's factory running.
Blaine, Jan (1993) Without Their Boots: A Sentimental Return

English and French. 141 pages. D811W57


103d Infantry Division Signal Company Signal Company Remembrances

William F. Barclay 1995  Out of Print

The full text of original book is available on PAPA'S WEB at:


 Note: This book is currently being expanded with photographs  and additional text by         
   Andrew Beck, son of Captain Bernard Beck, Commander, 103rd Signal Company.
          Completion date not set.

The author may be contacted at:    Andy_beck@nps.gov


A Combat Infantryman in World War II  by Otis A. Cannon
An up front view of actual combat, it It is the few in number of a rifle company that do the 
actual fighting. What it feel like to face the enemy twenty four hours a day, like facing a firing squad. 
Go thru three phases physical and mental strain. Scared out of your wits, hatred of the enemy 
when your close comrades get killed, wishing you would actually get a wound that would send you 
back to get some rest It behooves the new replacement to learn the tricks of the trade in staying alive. 
Like there are the Quick and the Dead. He's out to kill you and your had better get him first
Review by Otis Cannon
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The 409th Infantry in World War II 
	William East & William Gleason  	Battery Press, 1986 167 pages #603-409.1986
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 Infantry: an Oral History of a World War II American Infantry Battalion.
Richard M.Stannard Maxwell Macmillan International (1993) 318 pp
ISBN 0-8057-9117-5 (hard) 0-8057-9112-4 (paper)
Available Paperback $13.45
Author may be contacted at: olympicview@comcast.com
Task Force Kommando: 
Camp Howze, Texas to Jenbach, Austria 
	William Gleason  	n.p.1945 
71 pages #603-409.1945a (409th Infantry)


The 410th Company B Dinner Book

Available Online click here


From Bruyeres to Brenner; The Combat Story of the Fighting 411th
	 Howard Kinlalw      Innsbruk Austria  1945 14 pages #603-411.1945

The following are books with reference pages -

Title Author Publisher Pages Number
Order of Battle of the 
U.S. Army, World War II.
Stanton, Shelby L
pgs 180-181
ETO, Order of Battle of the 
U.S. Army  World War II.
U.S. Army
U.S. Army
Pgs 401-409
Combat Chronicle: An Outline 
History of U.S. Army Divisions
U.S. Army
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pg 88