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Hochfelden Cemetery

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This cemetery memorial is 3/4 mile west of Hochfelden, France.  The
cemetery was established at a time in late November/early December of
1944 when the American effort was advancing too fast for the US Army,
Grave Registration Department.  1,093 American soldiers were temporarily
interred at this site.  These soldiers were from various Divisions that
made up the 7th Army.  Many were from the 103d Division.  After the war,
around 1946, these men were exhumed from this site and repatriated back
to the USA or transferred to St. Avold, France.  It is here, at Lorraine
American Cemetery in St. Avold, they would be permanently laid to rest
with full military honors.  All that remains in Hochfelden is this
Memorial to the 1,093 American heroes and the lone grave of 20 year old
Lt. John Grant Rahill.  For a view of the Hochfelden Cemetery as it was
in 1945, see the last page of the book, "The 409th Infantry in WWII".
Hochfelden Cemetery

The Alsace Reconnaissance Auxiliary

        "To the American Soldiers who died for our Liberty"
Inscription on back of Monument
"This Monument is erected at the cemetery site of the bodies of 1,093 American Soldiers until their
repatriation or transfer to St. Avold."
Here lies within, the body of
Lt. John Grant Rahill of Caldwell,
Born January 1, 1924      
Died December 2, 1944
This photo shot is similar to that of the photo angle used on
last page of 
 "The 409th Infantry in WWII",
 only 60 years later.
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