103rd Cactus Division

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Unit Roster

Last Name First Name Rank State Where are they now
Alien Clarence J  Jr      
Arndt Melvin F      
Atchison  John A      
Bambara Frank P      
Bamhart Jefferson C      
Baron Paul      
Barbour George L      
Beaver Earl S      
Richard E
 Contact Son Scott
 Roster and Photos by Scott
Bechel Frank T      
Beer  Leo L       
Beetley Dale 0      
Bell William B      
Bellina Charles P      
Beyer George L      
Bina Clarence J      
Brendes  Ralph H      
Brobst Buel A      
Brooksher Harlin W      
Brindle Jasper E      
Brown John      
Burch William 0      
Burgess  John A      
Cabinac Emil      
Campbell Johnnie E      
Cech Edward      
Champany James E      
Chewning Vincent 0      
Chistopherson  Alwin S      
Cherra  Julius T      
Clark John R      
Clifford William F      
Codner Don E      
Cole Millard A      
Conneely William J      
Cogdell Lois H      
Cole Millard A
Cossette George      Passed Feb 1999 
Critzer Chester L      
Dargols Simon       
Denman Raymond C      
Dey Otis D      
Diehl Louis E Jr      
Downin Francis A      
Drogos Stanley J      
Duncan Walter V      
Durand Frederick Dana      
Embleton Joseph B      
Eslinger Royce E      
Fedasz James      
Forrester David H      
Fryer Harold D      
Gallert Emanuel      
Gallup Harlet J      
Graff Herman W      
Greenbolt Norton N      
Grunberg George      
Ham Leroy E      
Healy Richard D      
Hell Clarence       
Hoag Kenneth R      
Hodges James R      
Hollander William J      
Hogy Luther N    
Holloway  John W      
Holleman Arthur L      
Holt Andrew F      
Holmes Ivan H      
Hoskins Leon      
Horn Max A      
Howard Paul E      
Hudson Clarence A      
Isenberg James D      
Janicke Arthur J     passed away in 1986
Johnston Ronald R      
Jubala Walter A      
Kahn Norbert P      
Kamman Delbert C      
Karrow Wayne N      
Kent John      
Kilgore Earl R      
Knapp Coral S      
Krause William      
Keefer Robert L      
Lakoduc Alex B      
Laib Doyne E      
Land Warren H      
Larson Winslow F      
Laverty Eugene P      
Lehman Paul E      Generals Gunner
Lesniak Walter A CPL Contact Walter Lesniak
Lestina George R      
Loge Melvin L      
Lund Kenneth V      
McCarty Dennis N      
Madigan Martin J Jr      
Mains Willard      
Mason Willard      
McCart Joseph A      
Mennen Leonard E      
Merboth Donald G      
Merrill Gilbert D      
Miller Harold H. Jr.      
Mitchell Simon      
Moody William B      
Montana John B      
Morgett Temple H      
Norris John W      
0'Day Leonard F      
O'Laughlin Everett L      
Oldenburg Clarence F      Car Comander
Osborn Robert A      
Owen Alfred J Jr      
Peterson Frank L      
Piening Vernon L      
Piva Antonne M      
Redhead Jack L        
Reed  James D      
Rohr Joseph Charles      Passed contact grandson
Russell Raymond J      
Saville John L      
Schaefer Francis W      
Schaffer Carl Jr      
Schaffer Clyde M      
Schmult Milton W      
Schulta Anton J      
Shain  llyman P      
Shelton James R      
Smedley William H      
Smith Cecil W      
Smith  Charles H      
Smith Lee N      
Souza John Jr      
Swan George D      
Tarka Joseph A      
Taylor Carl B      
Thayer Harold      
Thomas Millard G      Jeep driver
Thompson Harold L      
Toth Wayne G      
Uselton  Kenneth W      
Vacek Frank B      
Van Wormer Harold L      
Vamey George B      
Vetterau Robert L      
Wandkl Bruce S      
Wegner Edward L      
Wentzel David H      
Welmer Edward T      
Wilkins Orin P      
Wilson  Robert M      
Wood Harold L      
Wuensch John A      
Zabel Howard C      
Zastrow Reuben C      


Combat Memorial

Name   Rank State Died Cemetery
Steinrauf Paul C 1LT KS 02/18/45 Epinal-Vosges American
Ziehm Edward W PFC MI 03/15/45 Lorraine American


The following email is left as arrived, It is for the Unit and the members may understand

that the person was not of the 103rd Recon, but is a large reason for the Cactus Trail - webmaster

From: Thomas Steiner   <Thomas.Steiner@aon.at>
Subject: Austrian campaign/ ZIRL/ Innsbruck
Dear Sirs,
     My father, Dr.Ludwig Steiner, was member of the Austrian Resistance Movement in Tyrol and met as a parliamentarian 
on April 30th in ZIRL and May 1st 1945, members of reconnaissance units from the Cactus Division on the move to 
Tyrol. Topic of this meeting was the handover of the liberated Innsbruck to the Cactus Division. My father would be interested to know if there are still members of this advanced party around. He met a group of your veterans in May 
1995 in Innsbruck. Of course any film or photographic material of the encounter in Zirl in 1945 and the days there 
after in Innsbruck would be very interesting.
Kind regards
Thomas Steiner
My fathers address is:
Dr. Ludwig Steiner
Peter Jordan Str.127
Wien / Austria