103rd Cactus Division


Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop by Richard Becker

l to r: Beaver on George Lestina's back; Hillery
on Richard Becker's back; Brethauer on
 Ardissona's back
l to r: Richard Becker; Corp. O'Laughlin;Provaire;
Eugene Laverty
Cpl Richard E. Becker
T/4 Shelton running up the hill (above
the enlisted menís club)
T/5 Souza on the Mt. (Hafelekar)
Enlisted menís club on the hill
(Hafelekar Mountain)
Although these two pictures did not have any markings,
 I believe they were taken in Innsbruck on 9 May 1945.
dated 1945
Joseph Charles Rohr
 the guy sitting on the tank facing the camera