103rd Cactus Division


Officers of World War II

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Commanding General*  Major Gen Charles C Haffner Jr   USA
Commanding General Major Gen Anthony C McAuliffe 012263 USA
Asst DivCommander* Brig Gen  John T Pierce 04754 USA
Artillery Commander* Brig Gen Roger M Wicks 012082 USA
Chief of Staff* Colonel  Lewis C Barkes    
Chief of Staff Colonel  Guy S Meloy Jr 016892 GSC
G-1 (Personnel)* Lt Col  Gordon Singles    
G-1 (Personnel) Major Charles E Porteous 01299942 GSC
G-2 (Intelligence)* Colonel Garrison B Coverdale    
G-2 (Intelligence) Lt Col  Bland West 0314671 GSC
G-3 (Plans)* Lt Col  Maynard H Carter    
G-3 (Plans) Lt Col-Major Richard C Thomas 021289 GSC
G-4 (Supply)*  Lt Col Joseph J Davidson    
G-4 (Supply) Lt Col-Major Robert E Myers  0349098 GSC
Adjutant General  Lt Col  Alfred W Croll 0285571 AGD
Judge Advocate Lt Col  Roger E Titus  0271963 JAGD
Inspector General  Lt Col  Merle S Mitchell  0180305 JGD
Finance Officer Lt Col  Gordon K Smith 0360508 FD
Chemical Officer  Captain Edward Catchwigs 01035699 CWS
Surgeon Lt Col James W Easton 0310619 MC
Chaplain  Lt Col Harry C Rynard 0370707 CC
Special Services Major Walter S Speckman 01296108 Inf
Engineer Officer Lt Col Ralph E Childs 0246801 CE
Signal Officer  Lt Col Carolus A Brown 021364 SigC
Provost Marshall Captain Duane C Lyon 0129915 CMP
HQ Commandt    Major Samuel B Yow 0353573 Inf
Quartermaster   Major George H Shafer  0396946 QMC
CO, 409th Infantry* Colonel  Charles N Stevens    
CO, 409th Infantry Colonel Claudius L Lloyd 05796  Inf
CO,409th Infantry Lt Col Hubert E Strange    
CO, 410th Infantry* Colonel Carlisle V Allan    
CO, 410th Infantry Colonel Henry J P Harding 013179 Inf
CO, 411th Infantry* Colonel Donovan P Yeuell 06736 Inf
CO, 382nd FA Bn* Lt Col Garrett B Drummond    
CO, 382nd FA Bn  Lt Col  James S Jun  0369762 FA
CO, 383rd FA Bn* Lt Col Peter Sather Jr    
CO, 383rd FA Bn Lt Col William Y Frenzel  019026  FA
CO, 928th FA Bn* Lt Col Sidney Simpson    
CO, 928th FA Bn Lt Col George P E Caesar Jr   0348420 FA
CO, 928th FA Bn Lt Col Herbert D Nice    
CO, 384th FA Bn* Lt Col   Gordon C Heiner Jr    
CO, 384th FA Bn  Lt Col James F Roberts 021920 FA
CO, 328th Med Bn* Major  Richard Reynolds    
CO, 328th Med Bn Lt Col  Melvin F Huth 0377452 MC
CO, 328th Engr Lt Col Henry G Lambert    CE
Ordnance Officer  Lt Col  Dick Wegener  0366663  Ord
Military Govt Major   Shelden D Elliott 0519660   Sp Res
  * Original officer from August 25 1942