103rd Cactus Division


Groups Above


103d Division Headquarters

Commanding General

Maj General

Charles C Haffner Jr

Anthony C McAuliffe

Asst Division Commander Brig General

John T Pierce

Chief of Staff Col

Guy S Meloy Jr

General Staff

Special Staff


Commanding General Staff-
Aide de Camp Cpt Cpt Frederick D. Starrett (McAuliffe's from 101st airborne)

Cpt Carl Biebers (McAuliffe's)

Aide de Camp 1LT  
Orderly to McAuliffe's PFC Woodrow Wilson
Stenographer JR EM Allison


Assistant Division Commander Staff-
Aide de Camp Cpt  
Aide de Camp 1LT  
Stenographer JR EM  


Chief of Staff -
Stenographer JR EM  


Commanding General*  Major Gen Charles C Haffner Jr USA
Commanding General Major Gen Anthony C McAuliffe USA
Asst Div Commander* Brig Gen  John T Pierce USA
Chief of Staff* Colonel  Lewis C Barkes  
Chief of Staff Colonel  Guy S Meloy Jr GSC
G-1 (Personnel)* Lt Col  Gordon Singles  
G-1 (Personnel) Major Charles E Porteous GSC
G-2 (Intelligence)* Colonel Garrison B Coverdale  
G-2 (Intelligence) Lt Col  Bland West GSC
G-3 (Plans)* Lt Col  Maynard H Carter  
G-3 (Plans) Lt Col-Major Richard C Thomas GSC
G-4 (Supply)*  Lt Col Joseph J Davidson   
G-4 (Supply) Lt Col-Major Robert E Myers  GSC
Adjutant General  Lt Col  Alfred W Croll AGD
Judge Advocate Lt Col  Roger E Titus  JAGD
Inspector General  Lt Col  Merle S Mitchell  JGD
Finance Officer Lt Col  Gordon K Smith FD
Chemical Officer  Captain Edward Catchwigs CWS
Surgeon Lt Col James W Easton MC
Chaplain  Lt Col Harry C Rynard CC
Special Services Major Walter S Speckman Inf
Engineer Officer Lt Col Ralph E Childs CE
Provost Marshall Captain Duane C Lyon CMP
HQ Commandt    Major Samuel B Yow Inf
Signal Officer Lt Col Carolus A Brown  

Unit Roster*

Last Name First Name Rank St

Where Now or Comments

Aickman   PVT   MP
Allison   PFC MI Haffner Orderly
Allison   MAJ   MP Commander
Atkins   PVT    
Atkinson       Motor Pool
Bambrick   SSGT   Defense Platoon
Banks   PVT IA  
Barkes Lewis C Col    
Barafata   SGT   Defense Platoon
Barckley Bob PVT MI 2nd Cook
Baue   SGT   G Section
Beehn Robert C t5 IL  
Benn Martin  PFC MI McAuliffee's Driver, passed 1995

contact daughter mlbenn@mediaone.net

Berger   PFC SD Mess
Biebers Carl CAP TX McAuliffee's Aid
Boreland   CAP   Co Commander
Bradley   PVT CA Gen's Mess Baker
Brawlie   SSGT   Cadre
Brazil   PVT   Medic or Signal Corp
Brown Irwin T.  SGT   McAuliffee's Driver, passed 1949
Buckholtz       G Section
Burk Shorty PVT IL Defense Platoon
Cannata Michael A T5 CA Div HQ Cook
Carter Maynard H Lt Col   G3
Casey   CAP   Mess Officer
Catchwigs Edward Cap   Chemical Officer
Catlett Robert Francis      
Cherneski     PA Signal or Medic
Childs Ralph E Lt Col   Engineer Officer
Cockran   PFC    
Compton Robert E TSGT TX Officer's Mess
Costello   PVT   Cook
Coverdale Garrison B Col   G2 Intelligence
Craig   Pvt IA Mail Clerk
Croll Alfred W Lt Col   Adjutant Gen
Crouch Howard E     G4
Davidson Joseph J Lt Col TN G4 Supply
Easton James W Lt Col   Surgeon
Elliott Sheldon E Major    Military Govt
Faulkner Erminold W     contact nephew
Fehl George PVT MO not overseas
Forsyth   Sgt   G Section
Garton   PFC IA Motor Pool
Goldberg   Col    
Garvey Fred A T/5    
Haffner Charles C Jr MajGen IL  
Hanson Sidney W      
Harkness   PFC IA General Driver
Hecht   Sgt   not overseas
Helm Wilbert PFC IL Defense Platoon
Houston Melvin E SGT TX Mess hall !
Hunger Al PFC CA Mess
Jacoby   PVT   Signal ?
Johnson   PFC SD  
Johnson Neil LT LA Div HQ  Passed 1999 Contact Son  Neil
Judge   LT   not overseas
Klause       G Section
Lallinger   LT   G4 Perfect IQ
Larson   PFC IA Defense Platoon
Latham James Jr SSGT TX  
Leonard   CPL   MP or Defense
Lockhart   1SGT OK Cadre
Lopes   PVT   Motor Pool
Lopez Charles PVT AZ Defense Platoon
Lord   Col CA One of G Sections
Lutz   PVT    
Lyon Duane C Cap   Provost Marshall
McAuliffe Anthony C MajGen DC  
McDonald   SGT   Head Motor Pool
McGlockin   PVT IL Cook
Malobar   Sgt   Drill Sgt
Mathis       Mess ?
Matthews   PFC    
May   Col   Medic ?
Meeks   Lt   G Section
Meloy Guy S Jr Col MD  
Middleton Jerome PFC MO Meloy's Orderly
Miller   Sgt IL Mess
Milton       Medic ?
Mitchell Merle S LtCol   Inspector General
Montague Monte PVT MO Defense Platoon
Mueller Ralph T4    
Murphy Michael PVT NY Mess
Myers Robert E Major   G4 Supply
Nelson Roy       
Nuger Irving SSGT    
Oliver Russell PFC MA Cook
Owens   LT   Defense Platoon
Owens   PFC NC  
Palawoda   PVT    
Parks   SGT IL not overseas
Peterson       not overseas
Pierce John T BrigGen AZ  
Poole   LT FL  
Porteous Charles E Major   G1 Personnel
Powell       not overseas
Radke   Major   Co Commander Trans
Ratcliffe     KY not overseas
Raveschot George F      
Riggs   Sgt   MP SGT
Roth   Sgt PA Co Clerk
Rynard Harold C Lt Col   Chaplain
Sarkisian Eddie PVT MI Prize Fighter/Discharged
Scalese   PVT IL Cook
Schenk William SGT IL Deceased
Schueler Erwin   MO Baker in Gen Mess
Schultz   PFC MI General Orderly
Shafer George H Major   Quartermaster
Sharp Ralph G SSGT MO general staff mess, contact Ralph via

son Dean at dsharp3@kc.rr.com

Shields Paul E PFC MN Mess Personnel
Singles Gordon Lt Col   G1- Personnel
Skinner   SGT   Cook
Smith Gordon K Lt Col   finance officer
Speckman Walter S Major   Special Services
Starrett Frederick D. Capt   Passed 1986, Belfast, Maine
Stollings Franxcis T4 MO Mess
Strinmoen   PVT IA Defense Platoon
Suddoth George PVT KY Mess
Thomas Richard C Major   G3 Plans
Titus Roger E Lt Col   judge advocate
Turk Jerry PFC    
Valtesian   PVT   Defense Platoon
Vantimeglia   SGT IL Cook in Mess 2
Webber       G Section
West Bland Lt Col   G2 Intelligence
White   PVT NC  
Wicks Roger M BrigGen NY  
Yow Samuel B Major    

*Special Thanks to Ralph Sharp for most of the names in this section.