103rd Cactus Division

Groups Above

 Headquarters  328 Medical 

HQ Detachment

Battalion Commander LTCOL   Dr Melvin F Hutch,  passed 1991
Executive Officer MAJ


Dr Robert E LaRue act div surgeon
Adjutant S-1 CPT NY Herbert E. Hagan  
Intel Officer S-2 CPT NY Howard M. Stein  
Operations Officer S-3 1SGT PA Clyde E. Gerberich  
Supply Officer S-4 1SGT PA Clyde E. Gerberich  
Sgt Major MSGT


Jack Ditto   
Commo Sgt TSGT      
Chaplain's Assistant



Howard Englund

died 1977
 Verling R Rugh 
Deceased 1951, Contact daughter Mary
Mail Clerk  


Ralph Thieme died
Supply Clerk Jr EM      
Bat Com Driver T5


Patrick KFinnegan  
Truck Driver Jr EM      
Radio Operator Jr EM      
Orderly Jr EM      
Radio Repairman Jr EM      
Stenographer Jr EM      
DET HQ Section
Det Cmdr 1942-3 CPT   L B Hendrickson  
Det Commander CPT   Robert J Gillespie died 1995
Supply SGT SSGT      
Clerk CPL      
Det Com Driver/Cook T5


Gene Caserotti  
Bugler Jr EM      
Clerk Typist Jr EM      
2- Cooks SGT


Frank Cordova  
Cooks Helper Jr EM      
3- Basic Soldiers Jr EM      
Personnel Section
Personnel Officer WO


Fred  W Foreman Passed 1993
Personnel Sgt TSGT      
General Clerk Jr EM      
Personnel Clerk Jr EM      
Records Clerk Jr EM      
General and Medical Supply Section
Supply Officer WO


Erwin Hankamer  
Medical Supply SGT TSGT      
Supply SGT SSGT      
Shipping Clerk Jr EM      
Supply Clerk Jr EM      
3- Truck Drivers Jr EM      
Motor Maintainer Section
Motor Officer 1LT


Cyril E. Aubrecht Passed 10-23-94


Lawrence Sublett  
4- Auto Mechanics Jr EM   Lloyd Spurgeon  
Unit Roster
Last Name First name Rank State Where are they now
Arnell Richard S TSGT
Berray Harry E PVT
Billingsley Joseph W 1SGT
Bogert Loren SGT
Bowden Wilba L SGT MO
Brands LT
Castanier Francis A PVT
Chambers Binning P PVT
Collon John J PVT MI Trans to Co. B, 328th Med. Batt.
Cowan Delmar C. SGT
DeBoer George IL Passed1992, Chief Clerk
Duke Orval S PVT
Easton James B LTCOL OH PASSED  12-15-1956
Edwards Ennis O T5 OH
Elliott Arthur R S/Sgt
Etheridge Johnie R 1SGT TX Trans to Co. D, 328th Med. Batt.
Finlayson Malcolm G PVTIL
Fisher Clyde E PVT MI Trans to Co. D, 328th Med. Batt.
Gamez Willie SSGT
Grcich George C AZ
Guinn Merly
Haslet Ben
Loomis Robert F MI
Jabour Nehmy SGT
Johnson Roland SGT SD

Pharm/cent supply

Lynch Martin SGT
Mangano Sam
Meyehofer Walter "Red" PA

died early 1970s

Nycek Edmund MI
Orgon Eddie IL
Perigard Louis "Pop" MI
Picotte Joseph SGT IL


Psinas Alvin SGT IL

died 1996

Quicksall Virgil Charles SGT TX
Quinn Ernest NC
Reynolds Richard LTCOL MA

Rolling Henry SGT IA


Sizemore LT
Spicer Leo
Talcott LT
Watkins Dudley OH
Wiatrowski Ray

Driver, died 1970

Wiehrdt Ed IL
Wygant Don
Zalund Robert SGT IL