103rd Cactus Division

Lawrence Roy Krenek

2nd Lieutenant, 411th Infantry Regiment, Company K

Born July 19, 1922 Texas Died Jan 23, 1994

War Experience: Active front-line experience from December 23, 1944- January 6, 1945 in the area of 
Forbach, France. He was a platoon leader. His responsibilities included night patrols to check out the 
latest German movements. On one of his first patrols, he reported back that the main German Army had pulled 
out of the local area. A part of his team included a French spy or guide. He remembers the bitter cold and snow 
of Dec.44-January '45. One of his duties included rationing coal to French villagers from a German coal train that 
had been derailed. On the last night patrol before he was injured, his mission was to deliver the French spy to a 
specific area where the spy would make notes of the German positions. As they went through the countryside, 
a flare went up, and German machine gun raked their unit. Unfortunately one of his men was killed and others 
injured. They dove into trenches that were filled with snow, ice, and water. They were pinned down for 40-50 
minutes. One of his men , a truck driver before the war, started making lots of noise and would not be quiet. 
Soon, another German flare went up and it was time to run (mortar or artillery shells would be coming soon). 
They made it back to camp but never knew what happened to the French spy. My dad was injured with 
frostbitten feet, dislocated shoulder, and some eye injuries. He was sent back behind the lines, to Paris hospital, 
then to Torquay, England. When he got out the war had ended.
Family Member information - Ron G. Krenek, Son. I would like to hear from anyone that may have known or 
fought with my Dad, or was in Company K, 411th. 

Contact me at garwood57a@yahoo.com

. I am also interested in the Colonel that he reported to in the 411th during this time - 
he has an interesting story after he returned from the last patrol.